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Sickle Cell and Finding Creativity Episode 11

Sickle Cell and Finding Creativity

Today's episode is about creativity and making things by hand, such as jewelry, woodworking, doll houses, and more. Listen as Mia Interviews LaShaunta McAllister, a Sickle Cell warrior who believes crafting is her joy! She spoke with Mia about finding creativity even while sick in the hospital.

· 37:38

The VitaminSC3 Podcast is powered by the Sickle Cell Community Consortium. Today's show is brought to you by the Creative Elixir segment with Mia Robinson.

Mia's creative guest today is LaShaunta McAllister.

LaShaunta McAllister is a wife, mom, and Sickle Cell Warrior. Born in Albany Ga and raised in Dekalb County Lithonia, Ga, she is the middle child of three. Throughout her life, LaShaunta thought she had Sickle Cell Hb SS, but recently, doctors informed her that she has Hb Beta Thalassemia.

Mrs. McAllister is a mother of three children. Her son JeShaun is nine years old. Her princess Jalee'ah is eight years old, and her baby daughter Iyana is three years old. Each child has the Sickle Trait. Jalee'ah has Sickle Cell Trait Alpha Thalassemia, also known as Bart's Disease. Growing up, Mrs. McAllister didn't have an active social life, nor was she close to her family. So she experienced a lot of her sickle cell complications alone. After becoming a mother, her children became the light of her life. Crafting has always been her favorite pastime to escape to.

Today's episode is about creativity and making things by hand, such as jewelry, wood-working, creating a doll house, and more. To view pictures of some of  LaShaunta McAllister's artwork, please visit our VitaminSC3 instagram page.

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