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Sickle Cell Community Movement is Medicine Episode 10

Sickle Cell Community Movement is Medicine

Kayla Gorrell is a health coach, yoga instructor, smoothie queen, and more so she and Dr. Majorie Brewer spoke about many different topics such as running, cycling, spinning, yoga, and healthy habits.

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Today's show is brought to you by the Self-care is Healthcare segment with Dr. Marjorie Brewer. The VitaminSC3 Podcast is powered by the Sickle Cell Community Consortium.

Kayla Gorrell is a Certified Health Coach, 500 hr certified yoga teacher, cycle teacher, author, smoothie expert, and public speaker focused on empowering active people to improve their health and happiness through optimal nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness. She believes in helping her clients create and sustain long-term behaviors that ultimately impact their lifestyles.

During her teens and early twenties, she struggled to find a lifestyle that would result in her ideal weight, give her energy and be satisfying and easy to follow. Since 2006 she has done extensive research and educated herself on nutrition. She discovered and experienced firsthand that the Standard American Diet (SAD) is making us sick because it consists of pseudo foods made with artificial ingredients and preservatives. These foods are also heavily processed. When we get sick, we rely too much on medications that only treat symptoms and not the root causes of the problems.

 She now eats a whole food plant-based diet with limited gluten. She can now more easily maintain a healthy weight without obsessing over calories and grams, and she has ample energy for her busy and active lifestyle. Her hair and skin are healthy; most importantly, she feels whole and happy.

Family and friends often approach her for nutritional advice because she walks the talk and radiates health and happiness. Now that she has lived this journey, she has an unrelenting passion for helping others find their healthy, whole, and happy path, which includes eating real whole foods, moving mindfully, and removing as many toxins as possible from her everyday life.

Check out her book: More Plants Please.

Some of the highlights from today's episode are:

Kayla is a health coach, yoga instructor, smoothie queen, and more so she and Dr. Majorie Brewer spoke about many different topics such as running, cycling, spinning, yoga, and healthy habits.

  • Balance is a huge part of yoga. Remember strength, flexibility, and balance! Timestamp 21:28

  • Logs can teach us how to deal with unpleasant things that come up. Timestamp 24:26

  • Talk to your doctor when you start a new exercise routine or diet. Then take time to figure out what is going to work for you and your body. Timestamp 34:00

  • What is the most important component of a yoga practice? Consistency Timestamp 35:00

  • Forcing intensity when you're not ready is doing yoga wrong. Timestamp 39:05

  • How can people get started doing yoga? Timestamp 39:18
  1. Read up on the style of yoga.
  2. Call before you go so you what what to expect.
  3. If you don't have a mat you can rent one or borrow one. 

Tweetable quote: "Healthcare has to be a dialog, it has to be ownership by the treating team." - Ted Kieffer

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