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Caregiving for a Spouse With Sickle Cell Disease Episode 8

Caregiving for a Spouse With Sickle Cell Disease

Aniekan Uwan was the caregiver for this VitaminSC3 Episode. This episode touches on a lot of hot topics such as marriage, chronic illness, partnership, support and so much more.

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The VitaminSC3 Podcast is powered by the Sickle Cell Community Consortium. Today's show is brought to you by the Caring is Giving segment with Elle Cole. Today's conversation touches on marriage, unconditional support, loving someone with a chronic illness and relocation.

About Aniekan Uwan
Aniekan is the Co-founder and CFO of Sickle Cell Medical Advocacy Inc. He is the husband of Simone Uwan, MD. Aniekan has a background in Project Management. His professional skills were honed while working at Google as a Senior Project Specialist overseeing international projects. His Accounting skills were also a welcomed asset. He has exceptional relationship-building skills and is a keen problem solver. Today, Aniekan spoke to us on the VitaminSC3 Podcast about the love of his life, Dr. Simone, and how he cares for her.

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Be willing to stand up for your partner . . . learn to protect. - Aniekan Uwan

Today's Topic: Supporting a Spouse Who Lives With Sickle Cell Disease
Here are the questions we chatted about during our discussion:
  1. How did you and your spouse meet?
  2. When did you learn that she was a Sickle Cell Warrior?
  3. What did you know about sickle cell disease prior to meeting your spouse?
  4. Sometimes in the SCD community, we don't always get to hear male caregivers' perspectives. When did you begin to accept and acknowledge that you were a caregiver for your wife? 
  5. How can married couples strengthen their relationship when one is living with a chronic illness?
  6. What does unconditional support look like for you?
  7. What advice would you give young couples who are looking to get married, but this experience is completely new for them?
  8. Have you ever had to step in medically and speak on your wife's behalf? If so, how has that experience challenged you personally?
  9. What do you admire most about your spouse?
  10. What should someone who loves a person with sickle cell know about how to advocate for them
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